My name is Travis Pridgen and I am a senior at the University of North Florida. I will be graduating in fall 2016 with a Bachelor’s degree in communication with a concentration in advertising. After graduation, I would like to invest myself into a career that allows me to fully utilize my creative skills.

I have a passion for music, art and creative design and I understand these creative outlets to be the source of inspiration and influence for many different industries, but mainly advertising and marketing. My ideal career would involve audio, video, graphic design, storytelling, writing or any combination of these on a regular basis. I am a self-motivated individual with an open mind and an entrepreneurial spirit.

My love of music production has given me experience with Logic Pro X and other audio-editing software, as well as leading me to DJ my own radio show at the University of North Florida for Spinnaker Radio. My ambitious nature has also led me to assist in location scouting, negotiation, event planning and generating meaningful social media content for an entertainment start-up company in Jacksonville.

I have utilized my creativity and positive outspokenness to gain more professional experience within a well-established health insurance provider as a facilitator for multiple intradepartmental programs that implemented fresh ideas to increase cost-effectiveness, enhance the customer experience and recognize employees for their endeavors.

I am proficient in Microsoft Office Suite and Logic Pro X and I have working knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, ProTools, Final Cut Pro and WordPress. I also have experience in utilizing social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to produce and circulate meaningful content and promotional materials.

My immense love for the creative process will continue to grow as I hope to pursue new outlets in which my curiosity can cultivate positive solutions to any obstacle I come across.