Client Blogs

See below to view images of a few of the blogs that I was able to either write for clients or place on client’s websites.

Reliant Roofing: I was responsible for placing new blogs into the Reliant Roofing website each month. When placing a new blog post in the client’s website, I was responsible for adjusting key words, meta tags other factors that would give the blogs a higher SEO value.

Screenshot 1: This is a screenshot of the final blog I had uploaded to the Reliant Roofing website. When uploading new blogs, I had to ensure that their were no spelling or grammatical errors.


Screenshot 2: This is an example of what the backend of the Reliant Roofing website looked like. Media Mix utilizes WordPress for our client’s websites and within WordPress I used a program called Yoast. Yoast is what is featured below. This software provided tips and analyzed the blog content, tags, meta tags and other factors that could contribute to a posts SEO value.


Jacksonville Sleep Center: I assisted with two blogs for Jacksonville Sleep Center. The blog titled ‘Tis The Season for Sleeping Soundly was written by me. The second blog, What Your Snoring Could Mean, was not written by me but I did give it SEO value on the back end.

Screenshot 1: Below is an image of the blog I had written for Jacksonville Sleep Center. This blog was intended to provide additional SEO value to the website as a whole. In order to accomplish this, the article was constructed to be themes around sleep habits and sleep issues which are both heavily discussed throughout the website.


Troy Trawick Plumbing: As shown by the previous examples, I was once again asked to write a blog for another client, a plumbing company named Troy Trawick Plumbing. For this client I had written one blog titled Conserving Water In Your Home. The blog was written to give the website, which was fairly new at the time, some SEO value.